Sunday, August 16, 2009

The "P" Report...

Delaney enjoyed her camping trip. On the way to Chester Delaney had to Poop. Grandma pulled to the side of the road so she could go in the woods. Delaney refused to get out of the truck. She was "NOT going to POOP in the woods like a dog!"

The Pickles have all sealed. I have 18 jars of Bread & Butter Pickles waiting 3 week in a cool dark place to see how they turned out. I have noticed that the liquid level is going down. Is this normal? Anyone?

The Purse Pattern I got is irritating. I am happy I got it on clearance. I sometimes wonder if people who write Patterns try sewing from their directions. The Pattern does not tell you to make the Pleats on the right side of the fabric. After reading the directions I made my Pleats. THEN I notices the Photo on the next column in italics under the Photo said mark wrong side of fabric. I did it backwards. On top of that there isn't a legend showing what right side, wrong side and interfacing looks like in this Pattern. You are suppose to just know this I guess. I think at $2 for the Pattern I spent $4 too much!

Photo of Liar, Liar Pants On Fire! I love this quilt! I have made 3 rag quilts now and this is the first one for me. Last year I made a rag quilt for a customer, she had cut all of the denim for me. It was 20 squares by 16 squares. To do the math it was 320 squares of denim and 320 of flannel. She was VERY happy with the finished quilt. BUT she had a ton of denim left over. She call me to see if I wanted it. She ended up giving 275 denim squares. Liar, Liar Pants On Fire used only 168 of them. I still have 107 left. Quick tip if you make a rag quilt take it to the laundry mat to wash. The weight can throw the balance off on your washing machine, then you have to pay a repair bill.

I have learned that it takes 3 days to eat a Pint of ice cream when Scott is not here to help. Otherwise a Pint can disappear before the groceries are unloaded and you have a chance to get a spoon!


Sandra H said...

I love your pants on fire quit. Suggestions for some of the spare squares...Make throw pillows. I don't mean small ones. I'm talking about 18" x 22".

I stitched the inner rectangle in the hole in my roll quilt. Done
I'm currently working on my pineapple. Maybe by the end of the week. ????

Since I have to take Wednesday off for the delivery of a new washer and drier, I might get more quilting done. ???

Bonnie said...

Love the Liar Liat Pants on fire quilt. Could you share the pattern with me? I have a whole bunch of Manuel's old levis that I have been saving as it has been hard for me to open that box; but this is something I can make for his sons to have of his.