Saturday, August 1, 2009

7 Down 5 To GO!

It's already August 1st! Can you believe it! I can't. This year is flying by. ONLY 145 days until Christmas. Also if you care 23 days until my 35th birthday.

So this past week I have been thinking of what gifts I am giving/making for Christmas this year. I really need to write down a list some where. I have events happening every month until Thanksgiving that will use up a chunk of my time, and I am already behind on making gifts. I haven't even made jelly yet this year! Never mind salsa.

This week I need to concentrate on making my gift giving list. Both for Christmas and Birthdays we have in the next 6 months.

1. Who we are giving to
2. Homemade or store bought
3. Spending limit
4. Supplies on hand and needed to make gifts
5. Start ordering online gifts
6. Inventory Gift closet

Never mind that I still need to figure out our Christmas Cards! I haven't even thought of what colors we are wearing to start looking for paper so I can start the traditional 120 cards made by me! Good thing people enjoy getting our card to see our dog!

And for those wondering I am still sewing stars on my quilt top!

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Vicki W said...

Thanks for making all of the rest of us feel like total slackers! Christmas gift list????? LOL!