Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sew Much To Do, Sew Little Time!

I started the day with a small list of things to do. Which included not leaving the house. All of that has now changed! The list is long and I need to go to 6 different places and one is a far drive! Sorta.

So it is now noon and I am thinking I would like a nap, not on the list. So let's make a list:

1. Cut and soak cucumbers for tomorrows pickling DONE
2. Addresses for Kymn and Heather DONE
3. Dishes
4. Clean up Delaney's toys DONE
5. Stash and Scrap blog DONE
6. Target DONE
7. JoAnn's DONE
8. Beverly's DONE
9. Michael's DONE
10. Toys R Us DONE
11. Ralley's DONE
12. Put away Free Sew Stuff DONE
13. Take out trash DONE

I really don't feel like doing any of it! I will update you in a few hours if I do anything.

Yesterday I got to go to my guild's Free Sew. I had a great time and got a lot of progress made! I finished 2 tops, pieced part of a back, I figured out fabric for a friend's Christmas gift, made a quilt block, and looked at fabric to see if I had enough to make what I wanted (I don't). We had tons of food for the potluck. I think everyone had a productive day.

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Lisa said...

I have been home alone this morning and loving it. After my walk I read my book. Why does that seem like a sin? Because it is not on the list. Here is my list:
Finish my book this week
Put away toys from this weekends babysitting advetures.
Finish blocks for Sat quilt meeting
And find a new project