Friday, August 14, 2009

Attn Quilter and Seamstress'

I am going to share a little advice. I am speaking from experience on this one.

Last weekend I purchased a pattern to make a purse that was put out by a fabric company. I looked at the required fabrics to purchase on the cover and it didn't seem too bad. Lucky for me the store was out of what I needed. I figured I would come back this week after they got shipment. Off I went with my pattern.

I got home opened my pattern and started reading. I discovered a TON of un-needed fabric required for my pattern. The required fabric is a Jelly Roll and 1yard of fabric for the lining and strap. As I read my pattern it ends up that I need 9 strips out of the 40 strip Jelly Roll and I could get away with as little as 2/3 yard for the lining and strap. As I read more I saw the I could use 2 more strips out of the Jelly Roll for the strap and buy only 1/2 yard for the lining.

Fabric companies are in the business to sell fabric, I understand that. When they produce a pattern it is with the mind set to sell the fabric to go with it. They actually give larger numbers on purpose, to sell fabric. In these economic times I am unable to purchase excess fabric for "just in case."

So here is my advice when you purchase a pattern sit and read it through, either at the store or at home. Take out a piece of paper and a pen and start adding up the numbers. See if you REALLY need all of the fabric it says to buy. If I would have purchased the "required fabric" I could have made 2 purses and had half a Jelly Roll left over.

For those wondering I am using scraps from the Bordello Quilt to make the purse today.


Roxie said...

Here, here, I have done that for years. My mother always said that from the time I was young.


Bonnie said...

Good going Di. Did the dishes get done or did the dish fairy come (Delaney)!!!!

jennifer said...

Thanks for th advice..