Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, Monday

Fill you in on my day. No I didn't learn to use the Sony camera. I have good reason though. The Sony has a special battery in it. You must have the special power cord to charge the special battery. Scott lost the special power cord to his silver Sony. So when he went to Iraq he took the special power cord to MY RED Sony, without telling me. Hence I have no special power cord. I did try to buy a special power cord today. No luck! I did find out I could purchase a Universal Sony battery charger for $41.99 and then I would need to also purchase the adaptor for my battery for an additional $19.99, for a grand total of $61.98. OR I could just buy a new Kodak Easy Share camera for $89.99.

So I bought a new Kodak Easy Share today. Popped the batteries and memory card in and I am good to go. It is very much like my old camera, I don't even need to read the 6 page pamphlet they gave me. As opposed to the 12 page pamphlet and 98 page book the Sony has. We are back in business!

I am still waiting for 1 jar of pickles to seal. If it doesn't seal by morning it will need a water bath. Not bad for the first try at pickles and 18 pints of them to boot.

I did work on the Liar, Liar Pants On Fire quilt. I don't think it will be done tomorrow. I am now hoping for this weekend though. I will not give up! I am very happy with it. I did buy more snuggle flannel for it today. Got it washed and ready to cut.

I also had the pleasure of spending $101 for an oil change. This is what I get for driving a big block engine truck! I do have an 8.1 liter engine, which also means I get 11 miles to the gallon on a good day. In the $101 I also got a $23 air filter. I also learned that 75,000 is considered high mileage at some oil change stations. I told the dude helping me that is crazy since we have a truck with 300,000 mile plus on the original engine.

I rounded out the night by seeing the movie The Proposal. Love it. It has a lot of great people in it, Betty White is the grandma and Craig T Nelson is the dad. Worth going to see.

No one has yet to break into my house to do the dishes. Guess I will do them in the morning.

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