Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm here!

Well it has been crazy around here this past week. People coming and going constantly! Lets see if I can keep it all straight and get caught up on what we have been doing!

We start back at Wednesday, Linda dropped off Allison to spend a few days with us while she and Nat headed to Arcata. Nat's All Star team made it to state playoffs. Delaney and Allie loved having a slumber party!

Thursday was full of swim lessons, finishing my first 9-patch a day quilt, quilt guild meeting and shopping at Target. Thursday morning before swim lessons we stopped at Gymboree to spend my Gymbucks and to get Allie an outfit to wear to kindergarten this year. Ang also came to town on Thursday to stay the night before heading up to Redding for the weekend.

Friday was full run too. We started at Gymboree to spend the last of the Gymbucks before picking up breakfast at the Boudin Bakery. One of the bakers gave Delaney a sour dough turtle roll. I ended up eating it in the afternoon, YUM! Then off to swim lessons. We love Teacher Brian! Then on to Linda's house to get Allie packed for camping with my parents and get the bike and scooter out for my dad. Ang left to go to Redding then. I had to hurry home to pack Delaney for camping and to get her back to my dad by 3pm. Then I went to get my nails done! First time in over a year! I rounded out my Friday night with dinner with my friend Jim.

Saturday I decided to get my hair cut and colored. Never did I think it would take 5 hours! It does look great. Then it was off to Sarah's 4th birthday party. Once the party was over I had to head out to feed the horse. Which lucky me meant climbing a 6 foot fence 8 months pregnant. Thank you Dad! After that wonderful experience I got to meet Heather and Kymn for coffee.

Sunday was spent hanging out at home reading a book! That's all. I went to pick up Delaney around 7pm.

So far this week has been slower. I think I have a touch of the flu. I haven't felt well at all. We finish swim lessons this week and Delaney is sad that there will be no more swimming with Teacher Brian. Other than that nothing is planned.

I am hoping to finish sewing stars onto my quilt. They are time consuming and there are 60 of them. I refuse to take the thread out of the machine. I know once I do it will be a long time before I put it back in.


Gina said...

A: I need a picture!

B: Why must you remind me about Christmas? Jeezus Murphy!

C: I absolutley did a triple take when I saw the age on your impending birthday! I have no idea WHY I think we are near the same age... same as Heather... I dont understand this charachter flaw..lol My Daughter is your age THIS year!

miz lizzie said...

Most people know that if you have livestock there is at least one gate that opens and closes. Try it again this weekend.