Monday, July 13, 2009

Quiltin' Tia Closing Sale!

Quiltin' Tia is closing and having a HUGE sale. If you are looking for fabric or have money to spend go to her site and have a look around. Fabric, books and patterns are 50% off,many other things are 40% off and a few items are 20% off.

I was able to get Alexander Henry's flame fabric for only $4 a yard. I picked up 4 yards. Shipping was a flat rate of $5. That means only $21 for 4 yards of fabric!!! What a great deal. I needed this for my Rings Of Fire quilt.

The good news is they are updating the site as they sell out of items. So if it is sold out, it is out of the site. The other good thing was when I placed my order I was given a few options if they could not complete my order:
1. Send what they had
2. Cancel that item
3. Contact me first to see what I wanted to do

I really liked that I was given some choices. They also notified me, by e-mail, that they received my order and again when they shipped my order.


Gina said...

I cant find any batiks!!! Does she hate batiks? WTH???

Vicki W said...

Thanks SOOOOO much cause I NEEDED to spend another $50 on the internet today! LOL!