Thursday, July 2, 2009

De Nile!!!

In 24 Hours I have had about 50 hits and only one of you took up the UFO challenge! Give me a break. Now I know there are more of you out their who have a project you have been putting off. I am giving you until Monday the 5th at 9pm to get it listed. Come on we're in this together!

On Monday I will call out some of your names. I know some of the classes you have taken and haven't finished. I know the trips you have been on and haven't put the photos in an album. I know your kids and their albums aren't started. So who will be first on the list?

My UFO to finish will be my Stars and Strips Quilt. I am close to having the top done. Labor Day I hope to have it displayed finished.


Sandra H said...


You are not going to believe this...
As of last evening (7/3) I have managed to bust 15 yards of fabric from my stash. This is in the past month.

This evening, while the neighborhood is whistling and cracking with celebration, I will be at my machine finishing my 9 patches, finishing the boarder of my wine wall hanging, and probably quilting His Vine. I should have His Vine completed by next weekend.

Now, if I could only hire someone to clean my home. BTW: someone is coming over to take care of all the weeds in the back yard.


Sandra H said...

Hey Dy,

I just finished another 45 9-patches. 72+45=117...darn, I've got 33 left to go. Maybe I'll just make a smaller quilt. Time to baste and quilt His Vine.


Sandra H said...

Okay, so I'm the only person who commented three times. I finished His Vine. I'll bring it to Tuesday evening if your coming, you can see it.