Monday, July 6, 2009

Name Calling

Okay I told you if you didn't list yourself I was going to start calling out some names. I know I am not the only one with UFO's sitting around my house. I know way to many quilters for that to be even possible.

1. Mom-Your Challenge is the top of Bella Bella.
2. Nikki- Your Challenge is the four patch triangle class you just took.
3. Barbara- I know you still have the Tessellations quilt form Peggy's class 4 years ago.
4. Sandra- Give me the oldest thing on that list of 25 UFO's you just made.
5. Kymn- You need to Digi Scrap New York, Print them out and put them in an album for your girls
6. Heather- You get to make 2 albums, one for you and one for Harmony, for her wedding this last weekend.
7. Linda- Scrap the first 3 years of each of your 3 kids life's
8. Margie- I have seen your HUGE piles of sorted photos, Get 2 inches worth in an album.
9. Lisa- I am sure you have something up their in Idaho, What are you going to do?
10. Sandy- Do you have all of your Block Party Quilts done?

I decided to stop with 10 people. But the rest of you reading, log in and tell us what you are going to get done by Labor Day. Remember Labor Day I will be haunting you again. My goal is my Stars and Stripes quilt. The top isn't done, I am piecing the back and planning on quilting this myself!

Gina? Rosemary? Teresa? and all the rest of you?


Kritta22 said...

LOL I was camping girl!!

K I'll play....before Labor day I will get all my giveaway quilts done. That's about 10...but they are small.

Lisa said...

I have three quilt tops that need machine quilted. I already have the backs and batting ready, I am just waiting for a little fairy to come down and finish them.

Margie said...


barb w said...

Old people forget things and I had almost forgotten about the Tessellations quilt until you brought it up. Now that the whole world has been informed of my situation, I guess I'll be forced to finish. Thanks friend!

Waddle Whimsy said...

OMG I am scared of you! Jeez Louise woman, the heat has made you crazy! Is there a due by date? LOL

Sandra H said...

You just opened up a hornets nest. I'll have half of my UPO list completed by the end of the Labor Day weekend. Do you think you can meet me half way with your list?

Rail Fence is the oldest on my list. It is already basted and ready for me to quilt. Which I think I might do this evening.

His Vine (the cross) is finished. I just need to wrap it up for a birthday gift.


miz lizzie said...

I had forgotten about that quilt because I don't like working on it. Somethings should not be on a to do list, but just simply chalked up to an experience. And some experiences we learn not to repeat. So know I'll work on it and will probably find out that I really don't have enough fabric to finish it and the fabric was bought on a Alaska vacation 2 years ago. I started my list and when I got to 57 I figured anything I finishe is good enough. By the way, now you all know where she inherited her long list from.

Lue-Anne said...

WWWWWwwhhheeww! I am glad I wasn't on your list. I am going to try and finish my hole in the roll quilt top. It seems my bali pop wasn't cut perfectly before I started sewing so I now have to trim all of my finished blocks. Sounds like something to be done this summer right?!? Maybe I will get some time to work on it on the next retreat. ;^)

sew rosey said...

When you said you were going to start calling names, I figured my secret was safe because I haven't been in that many workshops with you. I thought I was off Scott free till I read my name at the bottom of your post--dang!!It has taken me 5 days to come up with my list: Amish quilt--decide on and sew on borders and have it ready to go to the quilters by Labor Day of 2009. Also to finish and quilt two small X-block quilts and a small blooming 9 patch. When these 4 things are done, I will only have 999 more to go!!

Gina said...

Ufo? Ufo? WHATS THAT? How about I finish a customer quilt? Imagine that.....