Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust!

I just finished binding another quilt!!!

This one is for my niece Allison. I started the blocks 6 years ago as part of Horsefeathers $5 quilt. I started quilting it about 5 years ago in a class with Kathy Sandback. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift 2 1/2 years ago but I didn't make it. So into the pile it went 90% quilted.

In getting stuff ready to move out of the Sewing Studio I went through the basket of quilts to be quilted, there is a lot of quilts! I have a few that are close to being done. The $5 quilt needed 3 of 12 blocks quilted, the other 9 blocks, sashing and borders were done.

I am going to look in the basket for the next one!

OPAW Baby!

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Sandra H said...

Way to go. I'm glad you are making progres. I just learned this evening that the rail fence blocks which are now being quilted...I created the baby quilt 9 years ago. For me, that is the oldest UFO I have. The next one, which I just realized was hanging in one of my closets, was the very first class held at Horsefeathers given by Sandra Newcomb. I forgot all about this one.
So Dy, I never got an answer. Are you willing to meet me 1/2 way with the projects?