Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Than 10 Less Than 100

While I was cleaning out my Sewing Studio I found MANY part way done quilt blocks. How does this happen? I mean really how do you sew half a block and leave it, for months?

This week I have been trying to get some of the blocks finished. Now I am not trying to finish the whole project right now I just want the blocks done and with the project they belong too. So far I have finished 12 blocks. There is still a pile on my table to work on too.

I have decided that I can't work on any UFO'S or other projects until the half finished pile is gone. Lucky me I also found 3 things that needed mending. So they are in the pile too. I REALLY want to work on my 9-Patch A Day quilt.

With any luck by next weekend the pile will be gone!

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