Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Half Way...

We are half way to many things or we are half way behind many things. I guess it is all in the way you look at it. I am trying to be an optimist about things and not a pessimist. So here we're are Half Way their!

First the year is half over. Since I didn't really make any resolutions I don't need to check how I am doing. I did set a goal of trying to bust 104 yards of my stash this year. The catch is every time I buy fabric I have to subtract that from my busted total. It is a constant game of adding and subtracting. I am doing REALLY well. I have been keeping track on my Stash and Scrap Elimination Project blog, most Sundays I post an update. As of last Saturday I have used just under 55 yards for the year.

Next Scott's leave is half over. We are no where near half finished with the projects that needed to get done. The biggest of the projects was packing my living room up and into the garage. Moving my sewing studio into my living room. Last setting up a nursery in my sewing studio. The other project is putting baseboard in the hall bathroom. I was hoping to have 3 quilts out of the" Crap I Don't Want To Do" basket before he leaves. I finished Andy's wedding quilt, it will be dropped off this weekend. I have out Allison's quilt and Peggy's Tessellations quilt. I am close to finished on both of them but they both need binding!

Summer is half over. Can you believe that! We haven't really had summer weather here yet either. Not that I miss 110 degrees everyday. What did you have planned for the summer? Did you get it done? Are you half way to getting it done? My plan was swim lessons for Poop, we finished the first set and we will start the second set next Monday. My other plan was to live through the summer without going to the hospital. Half Way Their!

Here is my challenge, complete ONE UFO before Labor Day. You ask "what is an UFO?" UFO is an Un Finished Object. You don't have to be a quilter to have a UFO, if you are a quilter you have 100. The rest of you it could be anything, cleaning out something, decorating a room in the house, photos in an album, scrapbook you want to finish, anything is possible. Leave a comment here about what you would like to try to Finish and how long you have been working on it. We will revisit this on Labor Day to see what we all got done.


Sandra H said...

I have about 75 UFOs. This includes pulling the weeds in the back yard. I started two weeks ago and I don't think I ever made a dent. I need to hire someone who will do it for me.

Here are a few UFOs:
Make 25 9 patches
Complete hand quilting floral quilt
Baste, quilt and bind Bella Bella
Quilt and bind rail fence
Quilt and bind postcard
Finish quilting star burst and bind
Finish quilting pineapple and bind
and the list goes on.....

This weekend we plan to go to the fruit stand for veggies, out to breakfast, grocery shopping, quick stop at OHS (no tax weekend), wash the dogs, clean the house, etc.

I thought this was going to be a holiday weekend....


Hanging out in Stockton, CA said...

Oh, I feel like I'm busted. Define finished quilt. Does that mean quilted and binded? I pieced my Hole in my Role quilt. It's beautiful. I will post a picture. I've been quilting on my Sisters Twister.
I've been making log cabin blocks for the Bears Just want to have Fun quilt for my brothers 60th birthday. I will have this done by Labor Day.
I need a few hours to do inventory on all my UFO's. I'm not sure I want to focus on that.