Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Current Count 17 - 0

No I am not watching baseball. This is the current count of finished found quilt blocks and mending. Which means the current count on the unfinished found quilt blocks and mending is 2 - 3. I am not done cleaning out the sewing studio so this count may go up too.

I need a trip to JoAnn's to work on 2 of Delaney's things in the mending pile. I need a button for her PJ top and some seed beads for her Roxy sweatshirt. I am hoping by the end of Saturday the count will be 19 - 3.

I am also busy working away on my 9-Patch A Day quilt. I chain piece everything, so I have been using this to get my blocks out of the machine to press. All the vertical sashing is sewn in and I am working on the horizontal rows now. I am hoping that by the end of Saturday I will be ready for the first of 3 borders! Border number 2 is going to take some time since it is pieced with 2 inch squares. I will need to find and cut more first.

Linda is supposed to be my way sometime this weekend. Which means hopefully pictures!

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