Monday, July 20, 2009

Y'all Know What's Comin? Right?

I did it! I am doing Round 2 of AmandaJean's 9-Patch A Day. You knew I would. Be Honest. You Knew!

This time I am trying some things the same and some things different. First the same is using my SCRAPS! This quilt eliminates almost 4 yards between the 9-Patches and the pieced border. That should be a lot from a scrap stash. Not mine though. Also I am cutting a bunch of blocks, 4 to 7, at a time and chain piecing them in one sitting instead of doing only one a day. Now for the different, since you cut 5 squares of one color and 4 of the other I am cutting the 4 squares out of white scraps, either solids or tone on tone. As for the 5 squares I want them to read more solid and be a rainbow. The other different is I am going to cut a square for the pieced border as I go, instead of trying to pull out the fabric again and cut a square. The last different thing I am doing is trimming my blocks to 6 1/2 inches as I make them instead of doing all 70 at the same time.

Anyone else going to jump in with the 9-Patch A Day Project. It would be a great way to use scraps and the quilt could be donated.

Today I am also cut out the last of the novelty prints for I Spy A Swap. I am hoping to get mine in the mail this week. I have to go to the post office tomorrow for Scott so I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone.


sew rosey said...

Sure hope you get your camera fixed soon--love reading about your projects and pictures would sure be nice.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yes trimming as you go another good tip!! thanks!!

miz lizzie said...

At first I thought this sounded like a great idea. But then I thought I can come up with my own "One A Day" quilt blocks. Like my Bella Bella and several others that I have started in classes and not finished. So here goes. My one-a-day right now will be my North and South quilt from Debi Salazar's class I took with Nikole. Starts Monday.