Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shopping Tips

Okay I just got home from shopping a Target and I am going to share some of the things I have learned on how to save some money shopping. I know I am not the only one trying to cut back and save money. I have a few tips that may help you save some too.

First pay attention to shelf labels. I was just at Target and noticed a product I use but didn't need was marked down, reg $11.99 down to $6.99. Now I figure a $5 saving is really good. So I picked up 2. When I got to the check stand it rang up at full price. I asked for someone to check the shelf because there is a tag for $6.99. What happened was it was on sale LAST WEEK and Saturday night no one removed the tag. They did a price adjustment for me. I also had this happen on another product today that rang up at $3.24 and was signed at $2.99, she didn't bother to send someone to check that one she just changed it.

Second is stacking coupons. I know it takes a special kind of person to do the coupon thing but it really does save some money. Stacking coupons is when a store offers a coupon that can be used only at their store and a manufacturer also issues a coupon for the same product, you "stack" them together on one item and save. In our area Target, WalGreens and Rite Aid all do this.

Also you can use your coupons on Sale items and Clearance items. Today I had a Clearance item $2.24 with a Target coupon $1 off and a Manufacturer coupon $0.50 off. I ended up getting Scott some Chex Mix bars for $0.74!!!

I also check the website Steals and Deals daily for coupons, clearance info, Internet deals and stuff. This is were I learned about Stacking Coupons this weekend.

If you are going to use Internet coupons make sure your retailer accepts them! I can tell you not all retailers do. The Food 4 Less group that I work for does NOT! I was at Starbucks last week and their was a sign showing 3 Internet coupons that store didn't take. Also Starbucks within a store, Safeway and Target, does not take Starbucks coupons or gift cards. I will tell you the reason, Internet coupons are EASY to forge also many times retailers don't get paid for them. For some retailers it is easier to not take them, than take the HUGE loss of money if they do take them and don't get paid.

WalGreens and Rite Aid have register rewards. I am loving them. I have just started earning and using them. How it works is you buy the specific product or dollar amount of products and when you pay it prints out a coupon for dollars off your next purchase. I will give you my example from last week. I had to spend $20 on a grouping of products to get a $5 register reward. In the grouping of products was Lean Cuisine 2/$5 and Nestle Chocolate chips $1.99 a bag. I am using my Register Rewards to make Halloween Treats for my niece's kindergarten class for FREE! Here is the kicker WalGreens has some products on sale this week, plus you get a register reward and in Sunday's paper are coupons. They are now paying me to shop their!

Anyone else got some money saving tips? Share with us PLEASE.

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sew rosey said...

Sales promotions are good, provided they don't require you to jump through multiple hoops, come back another time to use their rewards only on specific products (CVS). My first choice is always the lowest "out the door" price, w/o the bother of tying up my money, applying for rebates, waiting for them to come, and then having to remember to redeem them. The "coupon stacking" is a great idea!