Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dear Scott

Special Reporter Heather Mompean here to announce to THE WORLD (but mostly to Scott) that Daphne is here and is doing AMAZING! She is an absolutely beautiful bundle that looks perfect from head to toe!

But don't take my WORD for it, take my PICTURE for it!

Scott and Dianah, Congratulations!!!

Oh - And I couldn't find Grandma at the hospital (she was hiding from me) to get the details of the baby (weight, length, etc) and since I didn't have a special wristband they wouldn't release info to me (good!) so we all have to make guesses as to what she weighs and how tall she is!

I will start with 6lbs 6 ounces, 18 inches!

Any other takers on the guessing?

UPDATE: I was WAY off - After speaking to a sore, but healthy and happy mom, I learned that Daphne is 8lbs and 20 inches. Grrr... but I didn't get the exact time.

I will guess 7:54am! LOL

Did I mention she is adorable?!

I think I am gonna have Moomp Photography branch out into birth photography - AWESOME!


Sandra H said...

Bebe is BEAUTIFUL!! Wonderful pics. Scott, Dy did you proud.

Dave said...

Yeah!!!! And you had it on Liz's birthday!!!

Lisa said...

She is beautiful and the photos are amazing.

sew rosey said...

Dianah, Scott and Delaney (and grandparents),

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. And thanks to your friend Heather for posting the pictures so promptly. It was exciting to see the pictures yesterday. Left me speechless till today!