Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snow White DVD & Blu-Ray Deal!!!

First I promise a post about us soon!

Second I am going to share with you all how to get the new Snow White DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack for $5. Yes you read that right $5!!!

So first Toys R Us has the movie on sale for $19.99 and WalMart has it on sale for $19.96 this week until Saturday 10/10. Second there is a coupon (alternate coupon) that is hit and miss for printing for $10 off. Keep checking the coupon until you can print it, it is printing a limited number each day. Now your movie is down to $9.99 or $9.96. The third step is a Hefty mail in rebate for $5 with the purchase of Hefty plate cup or baggies. Once you receive the rebate your movie was $4.99 or $4.96!

Hefty has had coupons in the paper lately for $1 off Basic Paper Plates and $0.50 off the Elegant Paper Plates. Also I have heard some of the Hefty products are $1.97 at WalMart.

Also Kernel Seasons is offering a $5 rebate with purchase of 2 of their seasoning products. This rebate is good for a few different movies Snow White, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Santa Buddies or Up.

Go forth, shop and be frugal!


Dave said...

Thanks for the tip. I plan on buying it for liz who is a HUGE Snow White fan tomorrow!

Sandra H said...

Okay, I've been waiting to talk about what usually happens to me about once a year and now is the time. I watch coupons every day and watch their expiration dates with sales dates. Well, today I needed to do REAL shopping. I went to SaveMart and had my coupons in hand. First the store had a great sale, then there was 10% for over 150 dollars, then there was my coupons. Well, I purchased $250 worth of produces, including produce (no meat), then there was the store discount, then my coupons. Well, I spent $100 for grocerys for two weeks what usually cost me $225. I saved (with stacking) $150. NOT TOO BAD.

Like I said, this happends to me about once a year. Usually I manage to save on an average of $5 per shopping trip.