Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tinkerbell Movie Coupon and Rebate

You knew this was coming. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is being released on Tuesday. Of course I have found a deal for you! First I have found a coupon for $10 off the DVD and Blu Ray combo.

Second I have found some pricing for you:
Toys R Us will have the combo pack for $21.99
Target will have it for $24.99
K-Mart is giving $10 off when you purchase the movie and 12" doll
WalMart is advertising on it's website the price will be $23.32
Best Buy will have it for $25.99

Third Rebates, I posted this rebate back with Snow White from Kernel Seasons, IF you didn't use it then you can use it now for $5 back by mail. Another Rebate for $5 back from Leapfrog. BOTH of these rebates will accept a photocopy of your receipt, that means you could send in for both rebates. On the back of the movie case is 2 proof of purchase tabs, one for each Rebate!

That means you could buy the DVD Blu Ray for $21.99 at Toys R Us, use the $10 off coupon and pay out of pocket $11.99. Then purchase your 2 Kernel Seasons products and mail in that rebate bringing the total down to $6.99. Then purchase your Tinker Bell book or toy form Leapfrog mail in that rebate and it will make the final movie price $1.99!!!

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Dave said...

Found that coupon and used it!