Friday, October 16, 2009

Pina Colada & Vicodin Dinner

Really it makes for a good dinner, feeling no pain. I will say it may cause impaired judgment when making the list of quilting goals for the week. For some reason I thought that while I consumed my Pina Colada backed with a Vicodin Dinner I should make my list of sewing goals for the week.

Now on Sunday I post my Stash Buster report along with my yardage bust goal for the following week over on my other blog, Stash and Scrap Elimination Project. On Sunday I was of sound mind when I posted my goal of yardage to bust this week would be 3 yards. Not unheard of, very achievable. Monday night not being of sound mind armed with a piece of paper and a pen I make the following list of stuff to get done this week:

1. Finish Freeze Frame Top
2. 3 Pillow Cases
3. Alice In Wonderland Costume
4. Philanthropy Quilt Top
5. HHR Club Quilt Top

Not a bad list, only 5 things on it. Should I mention at this point that Freeze Frame only had border 3 of 8 on it and number 4 is pieced! I had been working on it for about 4 days. Alice's dress is about half way, bloomers are done and I am still thinking about the apron. Otherwise I am all over this list! I will also mention that I was an over achiever and also wrote next weeks list while enjoying my Pina Colada and Vicodin Dinner. That list may be lost in a sober moment!

As of 2pm today I broke my sewing machine and the repair man is in Walnut Creek! I can't get their soon enough. Thank God my mom also has a Pfaff and she is letting me borrow it. Really I can give up my kids at any given moment but not my sewing machine!

As for status on my list:
1. Freeze Frame Top is done! Photo to post this weekend
2. Pillow Case number 3 is when the machine broke
3. Alice's Hem is pinned and waiting mom's machine
4. Philanthropy Quilt top has only 2 more rows of blocks to be sewn together, this is when my machine broke
5. I have the fabric out for the HHR Quilt

I will post Sunday how I did. Also a Pina Colada and Vicodin Dinner does NOT impair you enough not to hear a 10 day old crying at 2 am.


Sandra H said...

You are going to love this...Dean and I went to Target this morning. The total came to $145. With coupons in hand and sale items my out of pocket was $96. (this does not include the mistake the checker made by not charging $7 for a LED snowflake for my snowman window).

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