Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Lot Of Ground To Cover Part 1

Okay it is Sunday and I have a ton to post about. We are going to do this in installments.

First, life in Iraq... I spoke to Scott today (we really talk everyday usually twice) and he was telling me about a small fire department on base. Station 4 is the Ugly Redheaded Stepchildren of the Fire Departments at Camp Liberty. Scott went out their today to measure for some bookshelves to be built. When he got their he found out that the "Station" is 2 small trailers, one to sleep in and the other is living space. Station 4 is at the Helo Pad and they can't ever leave! Another station has to bring them their food even! They do have a TV but were sitting on buckets and boxes to watch it. The guys asked Scott if he came across an old couch if he could get it for them. So Scott being Scott went and got them 2 couches and delivered them today. The guys at Station 4 were so happy that they gave Scott a Sweatshirt, I can't wait to get it!

So here is where this is leading, I have e-mailed Scott asking him to check with Station 4 to see if their is anything that I could mail them from here to make their life a little easier. I am hoping to have a list back in the next few days and mail a box in about 4 weeks. If anyone would like to purchase something for these guys I will have the list posted on my blog as soon as I get it.

Daphne is doing well. She had her 2 week check up last week and is almost up to her birth weight. She has also grown an inch! Not to great since she so skinny (not too sure if she is really our kid) that 0-3 month clothes are too big on her. She can wiggle her way out of the neck, usually the neck hole gets stuck on her diaper.

Delaney is a big help. I am having to keep an eye on her since she like getting Daphne out of her crib. She really like to walk around the house with her. Delaney also has started hiding the remote for the TV, that way we only can watch her shows. I only get the remote when she messes up her channel. She hides it before we go to bed too. Since the storm last week she has been sleeping with a flash light. She has killed the batteries in one already. The good part is she can't find her cow flash light so I don't wake up to mooing.

Me I am still working on the sewing list. Alice's Dress is about ready for a fitting before I put in the buttons. I need to get one more sleeve attached to the bodice and then attach the skirt to the top! I also laid out the HHR Club quilt last night. I also made my Block Of The Month, that I forgot to put on the list! Progress is being made. I will be downloading pictures tonight.

More to come in Part 2

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sew rosey said...

Wow--you seem to have returned to your normal warp speed! I always enjoy your blog.

Daphne looked plump in her birth-day pictures. Just remember how little she is now, because she will change fast.

Will look forward to posting of the fire station wish list and hope to be able to help out.