Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finished Some Stuff

I finished and delivered the HHR clubs quilt on Saturday. It is going down to the So-Cal HHR Club's Tom's Farm event in November. The quilt is going to be with a picnic basket as a raffle prize. The quilt is about 65 inches square. It is meant to be kept in the car.

I also finished the Alice In Wonderland costume and delivered that today. I can't wait to see pictures of Alice. As soon as her mom post them I will link up to them.

As for now I am debating what to start next. I have my mom's machine until tomorrow night an will be picking mine up on Thursday on the way to the airport. I have a Thimbleberries quilt to make for a Christmas exchange due in November. I also have a fleece throw that is all handwork to make for another Christmas exchange due in November. I also have some Christmas pillow cases to make for me. Then last Friday I was asked if I could make a queen size quilt for Christmas. Yes I can. I am waiting for my new client to get me the fabric to start that this week.

What to do, What to do?

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sew rosey said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the HHR quilt. I was wondering what it looked like. Awesome that you were able to finish it so quickly!