Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Did You Do Today?

I just talked to my sister and she asked me "What did you do today?"
Me "nothing."
Her "You really did nothing?"

I thought for a minute, I guess I did stuff. To me it is just life, nothing really. So here it is, What I Did Today:
Paid Bills and mailed them
Cleaned out the Frig
The Dishes
Put 12 lbs of Hamburger into 1 lb bags (Costco)
Made Pina Coladas for the freezer, Ready for 10/3
Made Tuna Sandwiches for Lunch
Made Chili for Dinner
Washed my sheets
Put clean sheets on my bed
Made a burp cloth, new style for me, kicked my butt
Cleaned some more of Nu Bebe's room
Found the bottles for Nu Bebe in the garage
Made 1 Asian Star block for Block Lotto

I don't feel like I did anything. Just life stuff. I am still planning on tacking out the garbage and a shower. I may pull some fabric for the HHR club quilt. See I did nothing!


sew rosey said...

Well,you slacker, you! (just kidding--you are amazing!)Give yourself credit for all you do.

Bonnie said...

Okay, you can slow down a little.
Take care of yourself Dy and get some rest.