Thursday, October 16, 2008

Iron Deficiency

I am having an Iron issue. I have never had a problem with Iron before. Then BAM!!! October hit and I have an Iron Deficiency. How did this happen you ask and all of the sudden. I will tell you.

I have blown the heating element in 3, yes that's right 3, Irons in less than 30 days. WOW!!! The first was me beloved Rowenta, made in Germany. I have had my dear Iron for 6 1/2 years. All of the sudden one night, poof no heat. Then I go to my closet and pull out one of the 2 back up class/retreat Irons. Not bad but a CHEAP Target Iron, not like my Rowenta. It lasted not even a week. So I pull out the last Iron, the not as cheap Target Iron. Last night the light was on but no body was home. Down went the third Iron.

Now of course I have been working on a Baby Puke set for a shower Friday night. And of course I am making cute pleats on the blanket, and I have NO Iron to set them with. So off to JoAnn's I went tonight. I bought a lower end Rowenta Iron and I filled out the warranty card before plugging it in.

Now some of you are thinking I have had my Iron for 20 years, how can she KEEP blowing them up? When I am sewing I can use my Iron 4-8 hours a day, everyday. That is more than most people do in a month. Which is why I now have an Iron Deficiency. Anyone got an Iron I can borrow?


DearGina said...

Oh man... irons are a close second to scissors in this house!! I have the Rowenta downstairs, a crappy black n decker upstairs.. and an awesome travel Rowenta.... well, I cant tell u where...rofl..
COSTCO, has a wonderful ROwenta, 70 bucks! run dont walk.
Mine has been rewired twice now due to Rudy on walkabout... I keep thinking he will fry himself.. but???? He AND the Rowenta are still here!
PS: I finally found delaneys slipper boots in torquise!!! I ll send out shortly... its on the list:)

DearGina said...

PS again... these cloth diapers are wonderful as rags around here!
Hey! How much u selling em for? I should get for my new grand Jamie:) GAWD shes so cute, I need pics!!

Liz said...

you poor time i'm at the thrift store or doing my garage sales and see a cheap iron......i will pick it up for you.....sounds like you need to have a few more backups....i hope you are at piq today.....have fun.

Cathy Frasier said...

I totally understand the iron thing. I sat down to work on some pinwheels I have been working on. I turned on my iron to heat up. Next thing I know here comes my cat, jumping from surface to surface in my sewing room. She jumped onto my ironing board for a split second - as she jumped down, down went my Iron. Now it is in pieces. I really liked that iron!