Monday, October 13, 2008

Time on Your Hands...

Now I was just linking from Blog to Blog to Blog and you will NEVER EVER NEVER believe what I saw! Check this out! Go ahead click on this and look at the post. Did you do it? No? What are you waiting for? Do it NOW! Here it is again, this.

Okay now that you are back, I think did some amazing work. To explain to non sewer/quilters what you just looked at. She made a dress with the salvage edge of fabric. Now this is not just any dress. The top part is fitted, with buttons and placket, set in sleeves and collar with stand. Now if that wasn't enough work the skirt portion of the dress is a circle skirt! That is yards of fabric! Don't miss the matching belt.

The amazing part is not just the amount of work that went into this dress she made it out of the edge of the fabric that most sewer/quilters throw away! I read through some of her older post and she cuts a 1/4" into the fabric above her salvage edge.

I am thinking I might have to give this a try. What could I make?


The Sarah Bear said...

I want the dress for Harmony - and the foo foo big ol' tutu pettiskirt thingy! L.O.V.E.!

DearGina said...

OMG! something else to collect!!! I need a bigger shop!