Sunday, October 26, 2008

VCB's Halloween Contest

Vintage Chic Boutique is holding a Halloween Contest for the messiest crafting space. I think I have a chance with this one. These are photos of my Sewing Studio. I have been creating A LOT.
First is from my doorway looking across the room to the window. Yes my machine is still in my Tutto from the night before, it should be on the table where the pink fabric is. That is my new iron. The table under the window is scrapbooking stuff.
This second photo is standing behind the ironing board looking over to the left. Those are my bookcases with everything from Quilting Books to Fiction to my books from childhood. On the floor is about 20 quilt tops that need quilted and a few other projects. My Featherweight is in it's box. My first sewing machine is on top of the bookcase. The faint white line at the left edge is my armoir that stores my stash.

This last photo is from standing in front of the window looking into my closet. The Right side is my Scrapbooking stash and the left side has all the boxes with projects is various stages of finished. More UFO's under the ironing board.

Happy Birthday Chelsea!


DearGina said...

LOLOL How do u think there woman!!! Hey, what kind of iron is it? I see its on some kind of a riser? Looks cool:)
Send me those tops.

MsLizzF said...

OMG.....I think you will win.

sp52075 said...

Hey honey I have an Idea it involves matches and a leaf blower but its an Idea. Just trying to help love ya