Sunday, October 12, 2008

Self Promotion

I am teaching a Hole In My Roll class at Ladybug's Quilt Shop on Friday October 24th at 5:30pm. The cost of the class is $35, that will include an original pattern by Dianah, ME!

This is a Jelly Roll/Bali Pop class. If you buy your "Roll" and pay for your class at the same time you get a 10% discount. Total cost is just under $60. The class is 4 hours and I think most people should get the top done in class.

Last I heard there are 6 people in the class and room for 4 more. Of course if the demand is HIGH, Jennifer will add another class. To sign up for the class you can call the shop at 209-824-0485 or swing by the shop on Main Street in Manteca.

I have got to say a BIG THANK YOU to Heather of Moomp Photography for the wonderful quilt photo. She does a fabulous job. This is the same Heather of the Holiday Mini Sessions, got mine booked, do you? And another BIG THANK YOU to Ang, she is doing the illustrations for the pattern when she gets home from Georgia Monday! It is great to have talented friends to make you look good!


The Sarah Bear said...

Please honey! When your work is that good you don't need anyone's help! Thanks to Gina MAKING me quilt - I know how much it takes and I most certainly appreciate anyone that can make "scraps" look so good!

MsLizzF said...

Does this quilt only use 1 jelly roll? Do you need any other fabric? what are the measurments of this quilt? Do I ask too many questions?? Let me know.

DearGina said...

Nice Jelly rollin Woman:)

DearGina said...

Personally... I see a photo in the middle of each of those blocks:::wink:::