Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Okay really the best part of Monday Night Football is Hank Jr singing the song. How can you go wrong with Hank Jr?

I will admit I know today is Super Bowl Sunday and the Steelers are playing. Beyond that I have no clue. Don't know where the game is this year or who the other team is. Oh I also know the Steelers have to wear white uniforms, that just doesn't seem right.

I also know that we wont be seeing a PETA ad, it is to risque for the American public. If we lived in Canada or Europe it would be no problem. Go to You Tube if you want to see it. BUT the highlight of the game will be my cousin Steve's Audi commercial. This is a big deal. Only so many commercials get played during Super Bowl. Steve has been able to make a few of them. Last year he also did the Audi commercial, it played in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Someone please tell me who wins and how halftime is.

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The Sarah Bear said...

Hey sweetie! The game was good - I even screamed at the television - but I have to tell you - I would keep drifting back and thinking about you and Scott. I hope he got to the airport ok and I hope you got home ok. While I know you are super strong (Vitamin D), remember to call if you need anything!