Saturday, February 14, 2009

More on CPSIA

This is a Federal Law. It is to be enforced in all 50 states. Also if you are from another country trying to sell something in the US (Etsy and E-bay) to have to comply with this law.

Another group this will hurt is Thrift Stores, Yard Sales and Other Re-Sellers. The way the law is currently written is anytime an item is sold the seller has to have the item tested.

Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina is one of the Senator's working to get this law changed. He is a supporter of the small businesses. He realizes that if this law stays as written it will have a huge negative effect on the US economy. Many small business will close down and many people who shop at Thrift Stores will be left with minimal places to shop.

Never mind what this will do to the landfills in the US. Pretty much anything for kids under 12 will be thrown away. You can hand you stuff down to a friend but you will not be allowed to donated it (Goodwill) or have a yard sale or E-bay it.

One of the things WE can do is call our Senators. The main line for Congress is 202-224-3121, ask the operator to speak with one of the Senators from your state. The Stay of Testing is for only 1 year the problem has not gone away but been delayed. Let your Senator know that you want them to co-sponsor the DeMint Bill. Tom Jones is working on this for DeMint's Office, have your Senator's office contact him. Also let the person on the phone know that you would like a written response as to whether the Senator will co-sponsor the issue. You can call back and speak to your states other Senator too.

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ladybug said...

I have had many e-mail conversations with my representatives - this will impact my business in a HUGE way! The first time I contacted my local rep, he hadn't even heard about the bill - So far, it's on hold, and I think that the only way to keep it that way is to continue to spread awareness. So - Thanks for your help!