Monday, February 2, 2009

We Are Doing Okay

Many of you are wondering how we are doing. WE are okay. Just trying to adjust to a new lifestlye.

Scott made it safely to Houston last nigh about 7:30pm local time. He had to check in at the Hilton, get his hotel assignment, bus schedule and orientation schedule. By the time he made it to his room it was about 9:30pm local time. We spoke briefly and he went to find dinner. He did call me in more detail after that. I have also spoke with him today and things are going well. He has a good shot at being on the 10 day plan.

My parents drove us all up to the airport to drop off Scott. Then the 4 of us headed to Ikea to pick up a few things. My parents had never been! Delaney came home to take her nap and I started cleaning. Between the garage and laundry her nap was over. Today was back to work, 4am is VERY early.

We were able to talk with Scott on the webcam tonight. Delaney is ready for daddy to come home and for her to go to his hotel. All in all things are going well for being only day 2.


sew rosey said...

I have been wondering how you guys are doing--glad to hear things are going well.


Deb said...

Hi Dianah,
I'm just reading back through your blog!! 4am is INSANELY early - what time do you go to bed? I'm looking forward to seeing your fabric for the bee inspired swap. although mine comes last as I live so far away!!

Hope you feel better soon.
Deb :)