Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update On Us

Scott left Houston yesterday. He flew to London with only a 3 hour lay over. Then he was off to Dubai. From what I can put together he should be in Dubai now. He does have a 4am meeting on Thursday in Dubai, which with the time change would be 5pm Wednesday. I have not heard from him since Tuesday midday. And I most likely wont hear from him until next week. He was hoping to be in Iraq Friday or Saturday.

As for me I have been hit with the flu again. I have been out of commission since Monday and I am hoping to go back to work tomorrow.

Delaney has been enjoying a few days with Gram and Poppa.


Lue-Anne said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on Scott. My thoughts are with your family. I sure hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you need anything. ;^)

Nathan said... seems like things moved a lot faster for him in Houston that what was expected. Thanks for the updates.