Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aussie Brush Fire Quilt Project - 2nd Address Added

I have heard about the Australia Brush Fires. I have seen stuff on a few blogs. Even some of the blogs I follow are updating if they are okay. One of the bloggers, Gail Pan, had a fire come through her town. She is okay.

It is summer in Australia and Fire season. Much like what southern California experienced this past fall. We all know the devastating effects that had. So far, from what I read, the numbers are 65 lives have been lost and 100 homes completely destroyed, more are damaged.

So sitting here in my Northern California home, debating if I need to turn up the heater, I am thinking "What can I do?" I know I can't afford to send money, if you can donate to the Red Cross or if you can donate cash for the animals donate to RSPCA Victoria. I am going to put my talents to use!

Honeysuckle Cottage Quilt Shop in Australia is taking donations of 12.5" unfinished Wonky Star Quilt Blocks! They have people lined up to piece the tops, long armers to quilt and people to bind. Suppliers have donated backing, "wadding" (best I can figure is batting), and thread. All they need is us to donate a block and mail them off.

If you follow the link to the Wonky Star Quilt Block DO NOT use their measurements! That bock is for a 6" block. Your squares will need to be 4.5" otherwise follow the directions. They are really easy to make and they can be made from you scraps!

If you live close to me I will mail out my blocks on March 2nd. I would gladly include your blocks with mine. Manteca Quilters if you would like you can bring your blocks to the meeting, I will be their. If you don't live close to me and would still like to make a block or two here is the shops address.

Honeysuckle Cottage
7 Muirhead St
Bundarra NSW 2359 Australia

Another Address is

Tia Curtis
PSC 273 Box 89
APO AP 96548 USA

You will have to fill out a customs form if you send your blocks to Honeysuckle Cottage. From what I have been told DO NOT put quilt blocks on it. Make something up, washcloth. Quilt related mailings tend to disappear.

I am off to have Valentine's dinner with my Valentine! Me and Poop are headed to the Golden Arches for Nuggets.


Lisa said...

This is crazy, I am calling on Tuesday.

ladybug said...

So are you feeling better? I miss you! Hope everything's ok with you!