Thursday, June 18, 2009

What Did You Do Today?

Well I have a list, go figure!

1. Had brownies and a Diet Pepsi for breakfast
2. Eliminate 2 yards of fabric from my stash
3. Cut out a pattern with Delaney
4. Did the Cha-Cha to Handy Manny
5. Made several generations of Irishmen spin in their graves
6. Sewed up said pattern
7. Made ham sandwiches for lunch
8. Made plans with friends for train trips in October and December
9. Scrubbed markers (thanks H!) from small child, including face and teeth
10. Took photos of finished product

Okay you guessed it, this is dress B from the Portabello Pixie pattern Claire. Like none of you figure that it was going to be the next thing I made! The amazing part is all of the fabric came from MY stash! Yup I had pastels, go figure!

A few years ago Sew Many Quilts in Tracy did a trunk show at our guild meeting. I actually won a yard of Robyn Pandolph's Butterfly Kisses, large pink floral on the skirt. So in winning this fabric I needed stuff to go with it, I purchase 5 yards more to go with the 1 yard I won. Makes total since to a quilter. At the time I was pregnant with Delaney and I was going to do these fabrics in the nursery, change of plan. I figured I would last a week and then hate it. Into the stash it went.

Some of you are wondering about the Irishmen. Well, I don't use the button hole stitch on my machine often, maybe 5 times in the 7 years I have owned it. This darling dress requires 2 one inch button holes, to slide the straps through. CRAP!!! I had to figure it out, AGAIN! So unlike my legacy suggest I do, poke buttons until I am too drunk to remember what I am doing, I got out the book to the machine and read it first. DID YOU READ THAT MOM, FIRST. Which has resulted in the spinning Irishmen.


Gina said...

Adorable dress! Cant wait for mine! Not that I have time to make it, but I can PLAN to? As for what I did......
made breakfast for 8, 2 of them my baby grands:) did a mountain of dishes, took out trash, did email, fax bills, took 3 reservations, sent confirmations, made a new ]martha stewart chicken slab for lunch ( costco ) took pics of last customer quilt, emailed and invoiced that. Greeted UPS man and checked in toiletries upstairs... flipped a room for stay over guests, Made my granola for upcoming week end guests and the choc chip cookies for tonight. Took my meds and made my bed. Took a shower, fed the pets, had some wine, cooked some sea shell noodles and used left over cippino sauce, ate while watching 2 1/2 men. Phoned my Mother,set up wine 30 and a cheeseball with crackers, cleaned up the shop,smacked my new "off with your head" toy. ( stress reliver) put out the cookies, turned on the outside lights, locked up the house. its 8:24 and I'm finishing up the binding on a wedding quilt:)

The Sarah Bear said...


sp52075 said...

Thats hella cute honey it turned out very nice,can you sell it LOL.Today I got to hear a car bomb blow up out side our base somewhere, was rolled out of bed from a controlled IED detonation at about 0300 this morning,I am now cleaning the dustiest god damn air in the world one lung full at a time.They are saying it should hit at least 120* again today so I am also planning on sweeting my nuts off at any given time after about 10:00.Now I am off to try and seal all the doors in the APO so dust cant get in (wish me luck)god forbid the mail get dirty some of the people around here are the biggest damn pussies in the world,my room has dust in it can you seal my door I cant work around so much dust in the building(my ass crack has dust in it can you kiss it)I just keep laughing and reminding them that we are in IRAQ the dustiest place on earth I will do what i can!!

Waddle Whimsy said...

I am in love with the dress! Wonderful job!

Kritta22 said...

Can you make me one? Hahaha

Great job!

Thanks for sharing on my site. I can't believe how many people have gone through or are going through feritily issues.

I will definately be chatting at you about my new adventure!