Sunday, June 14, 2009

Never Miss An Opportunity

Yesterday while floating around blogland and catching up on last weeks blogging, I found an AMAZING opportunity!

I was reading a blog of a famous fabric and pattern designer and she had asked for people to e-mail her if they might be interested in sewing samples of her new patterns for her. She needs 9 people to help her. Then I read she had already received over 500 e-mails responding to her request. So I sat here and thought about it.

Some of you know that I went to school for fashion design. My favorite part of the whole thing was sewing samples. With that you are testing the pattern to see if it will work for production and where changes need to be made. I loved it. This past year I have also had the wonderful opportunity to sew samples for Ladybug Quilts in Manteca. As I have made samples for the quilt shop I realized the ultimate job for me would be sewing samples for designers and/or fabric companies.

So as I sat here and thought, I figured one more e-mail to the list couldn't hurt! Everyone keep you fingers crossed that I get to be one of the nine.


sp52075 said...

Well Good Luck honey.If She doesn't pick you let me Know and I'll start mailing her sand she will have no Idea what the hell is going on.I have a connection over Here I can get sand really cheap.The only bad part is that I have to smuggle it out in my ass crack.Which is no problem evidently there are ass crack sand elves over hear and they load you up when you not looking.This stuff gets everywhere

sp52075 said...
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Lue-Anne said...

I will keep my fingers crossed. I know you would do an outstanding job. I can't say that the sand elves will help but you never know. Good luck with that Scott.

Hanging out in Stockton, CA said...

What you think about you bring about. Think positive, I am. Your Hole in My Role is a big hit in Oregon.

The Sarah Bear said...

Hey - share out who you emailed - I will email her to pick you :) I will tell her all about your dream, your skill, your training, your passion, and your amazingness that she surely could not live with out! :) Really - share it with me :)