Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend list

I know I usually post this on Friday but I wanted to make sure everyone saw Delaney swimming. She LOVES it!

So this weekend the list is shorter
1. Finish Andy's Quilt DONE
2. Get Andy's Quilt to a Quilter DONE
3. Clean under couches (I have laminate floors Delaney can move them)
4. Work on mini Quilt Group exchange gift DONE
5. Bee Inspired quilt block DONE

Andy's quilt is going to take most of my Saturday. I am hoping to have it done early enough to get it to a quilter today. If not I will have to wait until Monday. Then I am cutting it REALLY close to having it back in time to give to him. I have stayed caught up on my 9-patches this week. I only have to make 2 today and tomorrow's blocks!

Let's see how I do!

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ladybug said...

Glad to see you gettin stuff done -Did you get my message? I have a gift for you!!!!! Call me or let me know when you'll be in the neighborhood!