Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday, Monday

A new week is here. What to do, what to do? I look around and the list is long. We are going to have to take it in baby steps.

Today has been spent running ALL OVER Stockton. First stop AAA to pay membership cards. Then to Costco to get gas and to the vet to find out if we ever had Jack micro chipped, they're in the same parking lot. We talked about it but the lady said we didn't do it. City of Stockton is now requiring your pets to be micro chipped to get their licenses. Then to Custom Creations, they are going to fix my plexiglas quilting table Delaney broke. Last stop was City Hall to pay the water bill. We were going to stop at the bank and Home Goods too but after the steps at City Hall I was done!

Tomorrow is back to swim lessons. Then we are picking up Linda and the girls to spend the afternoon at Modesto Mall. Linda and Scott need something from the Apple store and I wanted to hit a few more stores in the Mall I missed on Saturday. Delaney wants to take her cousins to play in the water at the Mall.

I am working on my mini groups door prize exchange gift. We agreed that we would make something using Red, White and Blue. It could or could not be patriotic. I can't say what I am making since they all read my blog. Last time we met everyone went home with some great prizes. We have agreed that each of us would make something from our stash with a if needed spending cap of $5! I might have to spend $5 this month.

I did get Andy's wedding quilt top finished and to the quilter. It is a queen size quilt that measures about 90 x 110. I had a lot of sewing still to do on it Saturday morning. I am amazed that I even got it finished let alone to the quilter. I am hoping to get a few more small projects done this week. I only have 16 days until I pick Scott up at the airport.


Dave said...

You could have saved some time and money and just paid those bolls online or via US mail. I know, I've seen me do it!

sew rosey said...

Echo what Dave said re: bill paying. Also, some vendors let you pay your bills over the phone w/o service charge. I know you are wonder-woman, but less time on bills means more time for the fun things.