Monday, June 22, 2009

It's REALLY A Monday!

I have been going all day. So we are going to try to quickly catch up on things around here!

First Gina is the winner for the Weekend List drawing. Gina and Lisa your prizes will be dropped in the mail on Friday when I brave the Post Office again! I hate that place!

My camera crapped out again this weekend so I can't so you pictures of the cute glam bag and lunch bag I made. What sucks is I love them both and I gave them both away! I am hoping H will get me some camera help, read your e-mail H!

My wonderful friend Kymn took Delaney for a long time on Saturday and I got so much done! I know I only got 4 things off the list but I got more than what was on the list done. In 3 hours I sat down and had lunch at Subway, one of my favorites and not so much a favorite of Scott and Delaney. I did some major shopping, first World Market for a gift, Home Goods for Scott some coffee, JoAnn's for fabric and thread (I got a killer deal on thread), onto Ross where I got a set of Mommy and me aprons for $14 (so cute!), next was Kohl's for 2 pairs of Nike flip flops that were on sale and last was Target for new work T-shirts for Scott that were also on sale. It went so quick when you don't have to do a car seat at each stop!

Sunday Delaney went to church with my mom. I went to pick up my cousin Jake to be some manual labor. We hit Costco for 2 cases of Beer, 2 cases of Juice Boxes, 1 case of diet Pepsi and 1 case of water. Jake's job was to push the cart and then load it into the truck. Then we went to my house where he got to load it into the Beverage Entertainment Center. Later we went to have dinner at Linda's for father's day, which we'll do all over again next Sunday with the whole family. Delaney stayed the night and I came home to finish the lunch bag.

Today has been a Monday! First 45 minutes at the bank, only 2 tellers open and 20 people in line. Then to the gas station, what a fun way to spend $100. I did watch the lady in front of me put diesel into her gas car. Yes the helpful man in front of her told her. ***PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** The GREEN hose at the gas pump is most likely not the one to use in your car. It is NOT gas it is diesel. Then to the post office. Again only 2 windows open, but not as long of a line. The crappy part is BOTH of them left the lobby to go get change at the same time and were gone over 10 minutes! Give me a break. Then it was back home to clean my living room, take a nap and make 3 9 patches before I went to pick up Delaney. Now we are home and making dinner.


Gina said...

As in Gina ME Gina? WOOHOO! What I win?

Sandra H said...

Please don't tell me the driver of the car that cannot tell the difference in gas or diesel was blond. You got sooo much completed. Way to go. So how are you doing on the 9 patches?

The Sarah Bear said...

The only camera fix it guy I know in Stockton is Henry Payne - and I don't need to know any others cause he is goooooood. And I think his pricing is reasonable as well - and his photography is AMAZING! You can find him off of harding - over by... uh... past El Dorado? I think. He may not be real "friendly jokey" but he does his work well, and he wore an old fashioned magnifying glass headstrap thing - which makes him look really official :)