Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday List

Betcha didn't think there would be a list this week. WRONG!!! We have much to do around here this weekend. We have 3 BBQ's planned for this weekend. One is at our house for Scott's friends, one is at my parents house for Father's day and my family to see him, and the third is at my friend Nathan's parents because Nathan and Brian are here for the weekend from Austin. So here we go!

1. Finish Andy's Wedding Quilt ( I hate Binding, Andy will be at a BBQ)
2. Finish and mail Red, White & Blue Swap DONE
3. Finish this weeks 9-patches, I need 5 2 of 5 DONE
4. Finish cleaning Kitchen DONE
5. Finish cleaning Entry Way DONE
6. Buy Food DONE
7. Figure out what to BBQ DONE
8. Buy Scott some shorts (he lost 55 lbs!) DONE
9. Change sheets DONE
10. Hang Towel Bar in Bathroom DONE
11. Hang Curtain Rod in My Living Room

Looks good for now! We have already been to the bank, the Farmer's Market, WinCo, Trader Joe's and JoAnn's today. What are your plans this weekend?


Sandra H said...

Hey Lady
I'm so glad Scott made it home safely. You should take a pic and post of Scott.
My weekend consists of...
1) Walking dogs (try 6 AM)
2) bath the dogs (yuk!)
3) Go shopping at Dollar Store for paper products and plastic utensils
4) Go shopping at Costco for catering food (secretaries wear caterer's hats now)
5) work work
6) make 20 more 9 patches
7) work in the yard
8) clean the house
9) laundry (this will take a while)
10)pay bills (yuk)


Dave said...

I miss Trader Joe's! More so I am glad that Scott is home and it is pretty cool that he lost 55 lbs!