Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend List

Okay you all are keeping me accountable for getting stuff done. So this might become routine to post my List of Stuff To Get Done on Fridays.

1. Clean off Air Hockey Table (this is also an OPAW) DONE!!!
2. Trim Andy's quilt, I picked it up today! DONE
3. Clean out toy basket DONE
4. Clean out Truck, why do I drive a Suburban and not a Corvette? DONE!!!
5. Sunday breakfast alone, Poop is going to my parents DONE
6. Easy Up to Heather DONE
7. Grocery shopping, we can no longer live off juice and popcorn DONE
8. Shopping at JoAnn's, need Red, White & Blue stuff DONE
9. 3 Bags of Stuff to Goodwill DONE
10. 9-Patches, I am behind again! 8 Done (where I need to be)

This list sucks but it MUST be done. I am hoping to at Coffee with my friends this weekend too. Friends I am waiting to hear from you! My goal is to have 2 Things done tonight. I guess I need not to sit and watch SpongeBob. Getting up and getting to work.

What are you doing this weekend? Leave a comment and I will have a drawing for a prize!

Scott comes home in 2 weeks.

*** It is 10pm on Sunday night, I have JUST finished the list! Suicide is Painless is playing in the background, MASH is on. Night***


sew rosey said...

I hope at some point you will post a picture of Andy's quilt--curious to see it.

Please don't put my name in the drawing this time--I love your prizes but will let someone else have a chance.

Sandra H said...

I have quite a list.
Need to go to Angels Camp and map out fun stuff to do.
Wash the dogs
Clean the house, this never ends
Add the last border to my rail quilt
Start a flag wallhanging
Baste and quilt the Cross
Perhaps talk you into Breakfast on Sunday.

What do you think?


Kritta22 said...

Oh I'm going to post my list too! This is a great idea!

Lue-Anne said...

I love reading your blog. I just feel like I never get enough done on my week-end when I read all that you do. I am wondering if your week-end clock has more hours than mine.
I have been working on my red/white/blue for the group. Guess what? I fell in love with it. So now I am in search for more scraps so that i can make me one too. Can't wait for our dinner. I look for to seeing you and everyone.
We need a count down clock for Scott's return.

miz lizzie said...

My list:
Clean out my daughter's garage. DONE!!

Keep my grandaughter overnight and take her to church so my daughter can a time to complete her list. DONE!!

Lisa said...

You have done more this weekend than I have. I had my quilt meeting here and I had to clean the house and hid the piles. When they left I finished watering the lawn and reading a book. Not much of a list. Keep up the good work.

jennifer said...

walked 2 mile's to get breakfast. YA ME I finaly worked on my red white and blue project.(love it!) nothing like waiting to the last min. I made super cute gift bag out of recycled stuff,broke another camera, did some blog brouseing, worked on the kid quilt thats due next week,ran out of pink thread. no store open that sells that pink thread (I had to use).did a little laundry,did not due hair or makeup.snacked allll day, Had a great day of sewing that felt sooooo good. hope to see ya soon.