Friday, June 19, 2009

You Know What Time It Is...

It is time for the Friday List!!!

1. Order new baby a pair of Heels from Heelarious DONE
2. Bury threads and bind Red Quilt DONE
3. Bind Andy's quilt
4. Teach Delaney how to cook Squash, Thanks Mom! DONE Zucchini Bread
5. Work on Red, White & Blue Swap DONE
6. Ketchup May and June Calendar Quilt June DONE
7. Finish this weeks 9-Patches 3 of 7 DONE
8. Clean off another shelf of baking rack
9. Go To JoAnn's DONE
10. Make Glam bags for Nik and Annastasia DONE

Okay I think that is enough for now. I am still waiting to hear if I am going to Old Sacramento with some friends, which also means a stop at IKEA.

Only 7 more days until Scott comes home. Which means another giveaway. Leave a comment with your weekend plans and you are entered.


Gina said...


barb w said...

The only thing I plan to do is my block of the month for the guild meeting and getting together the items needed for next saturday's workshop. Oh yea, I need to buy a bissell rug shampoo machine.

Lisa said...

Put away camping stuff
Do wash, which will probably take until Monday
Buy Milk
Work on Camping quilt

Lue-Anne said...

Friday - I work in Stockton, Go to the Bank, Make a payment to KD Dentist, Have a camping Staycation in the back yard with tent and all.
Saturday - Watch a movie, Go to the swim meet at SHS until 4pm, BBq and swim party with the neighbors.
Sunday - Breakfast with DJ, watching the NASCAR race and maybe get some packing done for my retreat next week.

Sandra H said...

Here's my list. Which I did get many things completed.
Laundry - Done
Grocery shopping - Done
Get hair cut - Done
Return shoes - Done
Vacuum and clean house - Done
Complete most of 9 patches - 72 so far
Stop at quilt store for fabric - ???
OHS - bought flowers for color bowl
(I actually got them planted in the same day of purchase - amazing)
Walk the dogs - done
Quilt the wind and french bread walk handing - started
Time for a nap - fat chance for that
Start planning projects for quilt retreats. I'm hoping to go this coming weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.